Barbican Centre and Guildhall School Guide to Partnership

KoKo Consulting has completed a practical ‘DIY guide to partnership’ through evaluation of The East London Cultural Education Partnership (ELCEP), a three-year programme led by the Barbican Centre and Guildhall School of music, six East London Music Education Hubs, 30+ cultural partners and A New Direction (A.N.D)

At the projects’ heart was a desire to understand the strategic ‘nuts and bolts’ of delivering more effective cultural education to young people and their schools, particularly the under-served. Despite the ubiquity of the term within the cultural and education sectors and widespread funding for networks coalitions and groups, the ‘how’ of partnership is vague, not only in terms of understanding what learning models work best, but also how progression can be maximised, and outcomes made more effective.  This new guide aims to help those just starting their own joint working or struggling within an existing partnership structure.

A public facing report is expected to be produced during the Autumn/Winter of 2017.