“Turbo-Charged for the Future” – Urban Development

An entirely new business plan, major evaluation and fundraising support has seen commercial and urban music development organisation Urban Development  “re-focused and turbo-charged” for the future. An entirely new business plan covering every aspect of the business has included a fully bench marked and tested mixed funding plan.

Pamela McCormick (Urban Development Founder and CEO)

Nikki has done some excellent consulting work with Urban Development during 2015. We are now re-focused and turbo-charged for the future. Her robust and beautifully argued business plan has won plaudits all- round; Arts Council England raved about it as being “excellent and so refreshing.” This was followed up by an in-depth evaluation and support for a number of major fundraising bids. Nikki aims to help unlock the potential of you and your organisation.  She has done exactly that for us.”